About us

After a varied career developing his skills as manager and chef, within several restaurants in and around The Hague, Valentino Verduyn Lunel set his sights on a restaurant of his own, together with his wife, Sanne-Pety. Born and bred in The Hague, with roots stemming from Indonesia and Italy, plans for The Embassy of Food, nestled between all of the embassies in the heart of The Hague, were quickly realised. The Embassy is a snug and intimate restaurant, combining chic elegance with a robust worldly touch. Packed with his knowledge and experience, chef Valentino, along with the strength of his wife Sanne, an amazing hostess in heart and soul, hone their expertise, ensuring the utmost care and service for their guests. With Sanne's many years of experience in the hospitality industry, her unfailing charm and attention to detail conjures a satisfied smile on every guests face. This is a dream come true for the couple. After a thorough renovation and classy styling, The Embassy of Food has opened her doors as of October 2020.

A brief introduction

Valentino; a young god of 48 years, true epicurean, loves cooking and socializing. Sanne-Pety; a radiant angel of 33 years, free spirit, loves wine and a good atmosphere. Together; proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Flynn and Ruby. Two connoisseurs who already gladly enjoy trying anything, from oysters to duck liver!

Restaurant The Embassy of Food, Den Haag