About us

After many years of developing his skills as a manager and chef in a variety of restaurants in and around The Hague, Valentino Verduyn Lunel set his sights on creating a new restaurant of his own, together with his wife, Sanne-Pety. Born and raised in The Hague, with Indonesian and Italian roots, the idea for The Embassy of Food quickly took the shape of a beautiful and cosy restaurant located in the heart of The Hague, in the Embassy District.

The Embassy is a snug and intimate restaurant, yet chic and elegant at the same time. Sanne also has extensive expertise in her craft and has the gift to put a smile on everyone’s face with her charm and attention to detail. Together, Valentino’s and Sanne’s years of experience and love for hospitality are incorporated into the heart and soul of the restaurant, as they wish to ensure the utmost care and service for their guests every day. The Embassy of Food is a wish come true for the couple, and after a long renovation and a beautifully renewed interior, The Embassy of Food has opened its doors as of October 2020.


Looking back, it was not the easiest time to open a restaurant, however when the opportunity arose, the couple was keen on taking a leap of faith and taking on the challenge. However, after two days of being opened, the second lockdown was announced, and The Embassy had to close its doors again.


Throughout the many months of the second lockdown, Sanne and Valentino couldn’t bare it to sit still and found new ways to share their passion. They delivered worldly dinner boxes, themed brunch boxes, and luxurious ‘borrel’ boxes, because despite the hardship, there’s always something to celebrate! They also took part in the Haagse Horecatour, which is a fun corona-proof way to explore the city in a culinary way. Next to this, the couple offered a new concept: Rent a Chef. This formula allowed families to still enjoy a 4, 5 or 6 course dinner together, all prepared and served by the Chef, from the comfort of their own home. Due to the overwhelming success, they still offer this service!


They are more than happy to be able to welcome you into their living room of the world, The Embassy of Food, open every Tuesday to Sunday, for lunch, dinner, takeaway and of course cocktails and wine!


A brief introduction

Valentino: 51 years old, true epicurean, loves cooking and socializing. 

Sanne-Pety: 35 years old, free spirit, loves wine and sparking up a good conversation. 

Together they are proud parents of two beautiful daughters: Flynn and Ruby. Two young connoisseurs who already love to eat all types of food, from octopus to smoked duckbreast to oysters, they love it!

Restaurant The Embassy of Food, Den Haag