The embassy of food

Savour our international to-share dishes and feel like an ambassador of the continents.

The best elements from different styles and heritages from around the world, are given a stylish twist in our innovative kitchen.

Come with us on a culinary journey in the living room of the world and feel at home.

Rent a Chef

Due to the overwhelming success of our Rent a Chef formula, we will continue to offer this service. Wish to have the luxury of ‘dining out’, but in the comfort of your own home? Bring the worldy Chef of the Embassy of Food into your home for an unforgettable culinary experience! Everything is arranged, and all we need from you is a kitchen. 

When organizing the ‘Rent a Chef’ experience, you will be able to compose your own 4-, 5- or 6-course menu, and our Chef will prepare and serve these dishes in your home. A matching wine arrangement is always possible yet remains optional.

You are completely taken care of! This concept can be ordered from € 50 per person, including a bottle of wine on the house, and even the table is set for you in Embassy style. Give us a call to make a reservation, or read more here on how to bring our chef into your home.

Grab a seat

Our brand-new terrace is open every weekday from 17:00 till 22:00, on fridays from 15:00 till 23:00 and from 11:30 till 23:00 on saturdays and sundays! When the sun shines, there is always a perfect spot on one of our three terraces.  Enjoy a beer or a wine together with our to-share dishes and have a magical experience.

Treat yourself! 


Looking for a thoughtful and culinary gift?

Order our Gift Card! Choose an amount you wish to give and receive the Gift Card at home, o have it sent directly to the recipient.

Who do you want to surprise with this luxury gift voucher from The Embassy of Food?


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